Affordable Luxury Cars

Inglewood, CA

Are you in the market for a used car, but want something a little different? When most people think of used cars, they probably think of old clunkers sitting in a lot being sold by a cheesy salesman. Dents, rust and dirt are the main features. Well, think again! Today's used cars are a lot different. With leases being so popular, many cars are turned into the used arena at just two years old or less, and with low mileage. This means pre-owned is a great way to get affordable luxury cars that look just as good as new. Since most lease agreements have restrictions on how much mileage can be put on the vehicle without penalty, most used cars that were turned in through lease agreements are in amazing shape. Does this sound like a great deal to you? Then come visit us at Car Lux Inc. in Inglewood, CA.

Here at Car Lux, we offer a wide selection of used luxury cars including Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and more. All our used vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection and CarFax history check to ensure they are in the best possible shape. We won't sell any vehicle that doesn't meet or exceed our strict qualifications for a quality used car. Have a car to trade in? We offer top dollar for most makes and models of cars. Visit us at and use our handy calculator to get an instant appraisal of your vehicle so you'll know exactly what your vehicle's trade-in value is. You can also browse our inventory and apply for financing and get an instant decision. Here at Car Lux, our focus is on great customer service. Our salespeople are friendly and knowledgeable but never pushy. Credit a little tarnished? Not a problem, we can work with you! Call us today and see for yourself why we are the best in the business.