Buy And Sell Your Car

Huntington Beach, CA

In the market for a new car? It can be a little overwhelming. There are so many makes, models and options to choose from! Then there's financing to think about and the big question; new or used? The very first thing you should do is sit down, take a look at your finances and determine your budget. Then stick to it no matter what. Don't let a pushy salesman talk you into more cars than you need or can afford. The decision to buy and sell your car is a big one. If you already own a vehicle and it's in great shape, it could be worth more than you realize in trade-in value. Not all dealerships will give you top dollar though, so shop around for a great used car dealer or just come to us here at Car Lux Inc. in Huntington Beach, CA. Once you know your budget and exactly what you're looking for in your next vehicle, we'll help with the rest.

Go to our website at to fill out our quick credit application for an instant decision. We want to get you into a great new pre-owned car and get you the most bang for your buck. You won't find any clunkers on our lot. All our pre-owned vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection and if they don't look and drive like new, we won't sell them- that's our promise to you. Our site offers our complete inventory online including an amazing selection of luxury vehicles, so you can browse from the comfort of your own home. Our focus is on great customer service, not aggressive hard sells. Our salespeople are friendly and helpful but never pushy. Call or visit us today and let us show you how affordable a new vehicle can be.